Welcome to Wyvern Forge

Welcome to Wyvern Forge

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A little about Team Wyvern

Hello from Team Wyvern!

We are a small smithing business who have decided to follow our dreams of providing quality blades meant for all uses and from all origins! I have been longing to blacksmith for a living since I was in grade school, after seeing a forging demonstration at a Renaissance fair in my home city. Since then I have been working on building my knowledge about the art of metal forming and am so excited to finally be able to share it with you! 

Each one of our blades is hardened in oil and tempered to proved a nice balance between durability and edge retention.

Thank you for stopping in and looking at our blades, keep checking in as we have big plans for the coming life of the shop!

~Team Wyvern

Where to Buy and Contact Us

To buy from our site please visit our shop page by clicking the menu above.

Our email is elijah@wyvernforgellc.com, let us know your ideas for making you a special work of metal art not listed on our page! We are excited to hear from you!

~Team Wyvern

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